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The High-Performance Integrated Circuit Design Overseas Exchange Program Successfully Held


From January 21 to February 3, 20 undergraduate students from ISEE participated in a two-week academic exchange at the University of Cambridge. The program aimed to lead students to the forefront of their disciplines, broaden their international perspectives, and enhance their overall qualities through diverse activities such as course learning and laboratory visits.

The University of Cambridge, a globally renowned top-tier institution, is famous for its unique college system, outstanding academic achievements, and long-standing campus culture. This exchange was hosted by the Homerton College, known for its modern and innovative teaching environment and research atmosphere. The program featured lectures by Professor David Cardwell, vice-chancellor of the University of Cambridge, and other distinguished scholars, allowing students to delve deep into academic research, complete high-quality group study projects, and receive official certificates from the University of Cambridge.




Students participated in a variety of cultural experience activities, including the classic Cambridge punting, visits to famous colleges and the Cavendish Laboratory, exploring the profound heritage of academic halls, and understanding the rich British history and modern art. Furthermore, students visited London for a cultural journey, touring various historical and artistic landmarks to fully experience British tradition and modernity.

During the two-week program, students not only improved their professional skills but also deepened their understanding and appreciation of British culture. They bravely challenged themselves, actively integrated into the local culture, and engaged in in-depth exchanges with local faculties and students. This experience not only broadened their international perspectives but also laid a solid foundation for their future academic and professional careers.

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