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PhD students of ISEE visited the KU Leuven in Belgium


On June 19-29 2023, at the invitation of Prof. Dominique Schreurs of KU Leuven, Belgium, Prof. Ran Lixin from ISEE of Zhejiang University led six PhD students Zhu Chengkai, Xi Qiangli, Zhang Qian, Huang Ke, Zhi Xiaoli and Yu Yue to KU Leuven for a bilateral seminar on various topics in the field of information technology, within the framework of cooperation between the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and the Flanders Foundation of Belgium (FWO).

KU Leuven is ranked 50th (2023) according to the U.S. News World University Rankings, but in terms of the most innovative university, KU Leuven has been ranked first in Europe for many years. EAST-WAVECORE is the research arm of the Department of Electrical Engineering of KU Leuven and contains several laboratories with a wide range of instruments. Theycan perform microwave and mmWave characterization from on-chip device measurements to airborne MIMO measurements, which has great advantages in directions such as biological radar and wireless energy transfer.


At KU Leuven, Dr. Maede Chavoshi and Dr. Vladimir Volskiy of EAST-WAVECORE welcomed Prof. Ran and PhD students from the Applied Electromagnetic Wave Research Laboratory (ARE) of ISEE, Zhejiang University, guided the teachers and students to visit the Department of Electronic Engineering of KU Leuven, and answered the students' questions in detail.


During the follow-up seminar, six PhD students first introduced Zhejiang University, ISEE, and the ARE Laboratory, and each presented the progress made in the ARE laboratory based on Doppler radar, reconfigurable planar Fresnel lens, microwave imaging, coupled array beam scanning, flexible conformal array beamforming, remote digitized phase coherence and other fields. The students had in-depth discussions with the professors and PhD students at KU Leuven, where they learned from each other and expanded their vision.The seminar were warm and fruitful for both the participating professors and students.



After the meeting, Dr. Vladimir Volskiy, the head of the EAST-WAVECORE, led the Zhejiang University team to visit the laboratory of the Department of Electronic Engineering at KU Leuven and presented some research topics and experimental equipment in detail. The students were impressed by KU Leuven’s perfect experimental facilities, rigorous scientific research atmosphere, and beautiful campus environment.



The successful holding of this overseas visiting seminar has broadened horizons, triggered thinking and provided a platform for continuous exchanges. The two sides will carry out more and more innovative collaborative research within the framework of the NSFC-FWO collaboration.

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