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The International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems 2022 successfully held in Hangzhou


The International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems 2022 was successfully held in Hangzhou in October 2022. The conference was led by Prof. CAI Yunlong from Zhejiang University, Prof. Geoffrey Ye Li from Imperial College London, Prof. Jinshi from Southeast University and Prof. Eduard A. Jorswieck from TU Braunschweig. Prof. LIU An from Zhejiang University, Prof. Tony Q.S. Quek from Singapore University of Technology and Design, Prof. LIANG Le from Southeast University and Prof. Rodrigo C. de Lamare from the University of York chaired the technical committee of the conference. 

Focusing on the fundamental theoretical systems of wireless communication technology, the symposium covered topics including the current state of wireless communication technology, technical challenges, standards, fundamental issues and future services and applications, and provided new ideas and contributions to the research of future applications of wireless communication technology.

Top experts were invited to give keynote reports at the conference. Professor Jeffrey Andrews, University of Texas, Professor Yonina Eldar, Weizmann Institute of Science, Academician LUO Zhiquan, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor Marios, EURECOM and Mr.Lu Jianmin, Huawei delivered keynote reports, which covered the topics including the design of machine learning in 6G communication system, the application of intelligent reflective surface in wireless communication, and the development trend of key technologies in future wireless networks, etc. The conference also invited distinguished scholars from the industry to conduct four tutorial reports covering topics including holographic radio technology, 6G-oriented refraction and reflection smart surface technologies, and machine learning methods for 6G-oriented machine-type communication scenarios.

The conference received widespread support and praise from peers in the field. The conference was organized by the College of Information Science and Electronic Engineering of Zhejiang University and co-organized by the Institute of Intelligent Communication Networks and Security and the Zhejiang Key Laboratory of Information Processing and Communication Networks.

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