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Alumnus Huang Qin wins the IEEE Energy Internet Pioneer Award


On Oct 22-25, at the Fifth IEEE International Conference on Energy Internet and Energy System Integration (IEEE EI²), Professor Huang Qin, an alumnus of ISEE, won the Energy Internet Pioneer Award for his outstanding contributions to the development of the energy Internet concept and energy router technology. He is the second award-winning scientist since the establishment of the award.

Alex Huang is an internationally renowned semiconductor power device, power electronics and smart grid technology expert, Dula D. Cockrell Life Chairman of the University of Texas at Austin, IEEE Fellow, and NAI Fellow. In 1983, he graduated from ZJU’s School of Information Science and Electronic Engineering, majoring in semiconductor devices and served as the former president of Zhejiang University Alumni Association North Carolina Chapter. He once proposed to use SST (smart solid-state transformer) to realize the function of energy internet. The 15000V SiC MOSFET he studied has a switching frequency of 40kHz and its power conversion efficiency from 7200V to 240V is 98%, which basically eliminates the efficiency barrier. He further proposed to use frequency signals as dynamic pricing signals for energy transactions, and use blockchain and game theory engines for fully distributed market clearing.

Energy Internet refers to the use of power electronics technology and digital electronic technology to enable participants in the peer-to-peer energy trading mechanism of Energy Internet to achieve energy freedom. Energy Internet is also known as the key to the third industrial revolution. In 2007, Alex Huang took the lead in proposing the concept of the Energy Internet as a new technology and business paradigm in the report to the National Natural Science Foundation of the United States (NSF) and based on this, he established the Future Renewable Electric Energy Delivery and Management (FREEDM) Center, which has become a world-renowned smart grid and power electronics research center. His books and papers on the Energy Internet have been cited in large numbers and have made significant contributions to the development of this field.


Energy Internet Pioneer Award

Energy Internet Pioneer Award was established by the IEEE EI² conference to recognize scholars who have made pioneering contributions in the emerging cross-field of the Energy Internet worldwide. The award commends at most one person each year and the IEEE PES Energy Internet Coordination Committee collects nominations from around the world. The IEEE EI² Conference International Awards Committee determines the winners based on the nominations, and finally they will be announced at the IEEE EI² Conference and the awards will be presented.

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