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Co-Packaged Optics - Heterogeneous Integration of Photonic IC and Electronic IC


Date: 31 Mar. 2024

Time: 09:00-11:00

Venue: 108 Conference Room

Speaker: Prof. John H Lau

Category: Talk & Lecture

Biography: John H Lau, with more than 40 years of R&D and manufacturing experience in semiconductor packaging, has published more than 530 peer-reviewed papers (385 are the principal investigator), 52 issued and pending US patents (31 are the principal inventor), and 23 textbooks (all are the first author). John is an elected IEEE fellow, IMAPS Fellow, and ASME Fellow and has been actively participating in industry/academy/society meetings/conferences to contribute, learn, and share. 


AbstractIn this talk, we will discuss the status and trends of computational electromagnetic algorithms. Different methods be used to improve the speed and efficiency of simulation for different computational problems like ACA, CBFs, characteristic surface material, CMA, hybrid solver, high frequency solvers and HPC. Finally, New applications of electromagnetic computing in 5G/6G, RCS of complex target, etc will be shared. Ø Silicon Photonics

Data Centers

Optical Transceivers, Optical Engine (OE) and Electrical Engine (EE)

OBO (on-board optics), NPO (near-board optics), CPO (co-packaged optics)

Integration of the PIC and EIC

2D Heterogeneous Integration

3D Heterogeneous Integration of PIC and EIC

3D Heterogeneous Integration of ASIC Switch, PIC and EIC

3D Heterogeneous Integration of ASIC Switch, PIC and EIC with Bridges

Heterogeneous Integration of ASIC Switch, PIC and EIC on Glass Substrate


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