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A New System for High-speed Terahertz Wireless Communication Developed by YU Xianbin's Team


With the rapid development of ultra wideband data services, wireless communication is evolving to the peak speed of 100 Gbit/s or even 1 tbit/s. In order to meet the needs of future wireless communication in throughput, energy efficiency, connectivity and other aspects, terahertz (300ghz-10thz) communication with ultra-high information capacity is one of the most advantageous broadband wireless access technologies in mobile communication. In May 2020, a new research achievement of YU Xianbin, together with his group members in ISEE, ZJU, was listed as the featured work by APL photonics. It was also reported by AIP Scilight of American Federation of physics as the title a new system for high-speed terahertz wireless communication .


It is an exclusive report, which takes an important step for the terahertz communication system over 100Gbit / s to move towards the application of wireless technology,” commented by the AIP.

In this work, the research team fused optical fiber communication with terahertz communication, proposing a multi carrier modulation signal processing mechanism based on probability shaping to improve the bit energy efficiency of the system. It combined linear and non-linear equalization, phase noise compensation and other algorithms to overcome the interference constraints of the system, and took the very lead in realizing 350ghz long-distance photon terahertz communication transmission with a speed of over 100 Gbit/s in the world.


This work pushes the THz RoF technology one step closer to ultrahigh-speed indoor wireless applications and serves as an essential segment of the converged fiber-wireless access networks in the beyond 5G era.


WANG Shiwei, a 2017 Ph.D. candidate of ISEE of ZJU, is the first author of the paper. Researcher YU Xianbin and associate researcher ZHANG Lu are the co corresponding author of the paper. Zhejiang University is the first completion unit and the cooperation units include DTU in Denmark, KTH in Sweden, China Academy of materials, etc. This work is supported by National Key Research and Development Plan, National Natural Science Foundation project, Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Foundation key project, and Zhejiang University Youth Project.



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