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World's Smallest Wireless Communication Chip Developed by ISEE Researcher


Zhao Bo, researcher of the ISEE, has designed a micro passive wireless communication chip and his article A Batteryless Padless Crystal 116um × 116um Dielet Near-Field Radio With On-Chip Coil Antenna was published in the IEEE Journal of solid state circuits (JSSC) in February 2020. Zhao is the first author of this article, published together by Zhejiang University and the University of California, Berkeley. Since Zhao’s team published a JSSC last year, which is the third one in the history of Zhejiang University, he has once again made it as the first author to publish JSSC. JSCC is one of the top journals in the field of integrated circuit design, which requires chips and leading the world in terms of actual test indicators. In more than 50 years since its inception in 1966, universities in mainland China have published only more than 50 papers in this journal (less than 1 paper per year on average).

The chip, named dielet, is only 116umx116um in size, which is similar to the cross-sectional area of hair. So far, it is still the smallest wireless communication chip in the world. It does not need batteries, pins, crystal oscillator or any off-chip components, and can realize bidirectional wireless communication in the environment of wireless power supply. The chip includes on-chip antenna, rectifier, gap reference, linear regulator, power on reset, demodulator, decoder, memory, clock generation, digital control, wireless communication circuit and other modules.

Figure 1 the article in JSSC

Figure 2 the photo of the chip

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