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Students residing in the International  College Building of Yuquan campus will receive your mail and parcel notice at  the front desk.

 Your Address: please inform your  family & friends to address mail to you in the following  format:
 Your Name
 Your Dorm Room Number
 International College
 P.O. Box W-99, Yuquan Campus,  Zhejiang University
 Hangzhou 310027, P.R. China
 If you need further postal service,  the following two postal offices may help you.
 Yuquan Postal Office:       117 Yu  Gu Road 玉泉邮局:玉古路117号
 Tel: 8799 2113
 Business Hours:  9:00-17:00
 International Postal Office: New1,  Jie Fang Road 国际邮局:解放路新1号
 Tel: 8718 2182
 Business Hours: 8:30-18:00
 Express delivery service is easily available in Hangzhou.  Here  is some information:
 China Post EMS
 Hotline: 11185
 Hotline: 800-810-8000
 Hotline:  800-988-1888(regular  phone, free of charge)
 400-886-1888 (mobile phone, no long  distance fee)
 Hotline: 800-820-868
 The international  student dormitory building has its own laundry room that is situated in the  basement(floor G1)and is equipped with washing machines and dryers. The cost of  one load in the washer is 3 yuan and dryer is 4 yuan. Laundry tickets can be  bought from both front desk and coffee shop on the second floor.

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