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ISEE holds a group birthday celebration for retired faculty members

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On May 16th, ISEE and Ping An Fund held a group birthday celebration for retired faculty members who are in their 80s. Present at the celebration are Executive Vice Dean YANG Jianyi, Secretary of the Party Committee ZHONG Rongrong, Chairman of Ping An fund YANG Dongxiao, along with more than 100 retired faculty members. The celebration was hosted by ZHONG Rongrong.


The celebration for the elderly faculty members is a popular tradition of ISEE. ZHONG warmly introduced faculty members, WANG Hongyu, SUN Huangen, GONG Xianyi, LIANG Suzhen, CHEN zengji, HUANG Shuxin, SUN Yanren, YUAN Zhenfeng and WU Rongquan, who are turning 80 this year. YANG Jianyi, as the representative of the college, expressed the gratitude for the solid foundation the elderly faculty members laid for the development of the college. YANG Dongxiao briefly reported current status of the Fund.

With everyone singing birthday song, these nine birthday people blew the candles and sliced the birthday cake together. Academician GONG Xianyi and Professor CHEN Zengji gave a speech respectively. GONG recalled how he experienced the change of roles from a student to a teacher. CHEN briefly introduced the experience of taking part in the establishment of Ping An Fund, expressed his gratitude to ISEE, and stressed the importance of having fun in retired life. The birthday cake was shared among all teachers present, along with happiness and blessings. Currently, there are 53 retired faculty members who are over eighty, and three among them are over ninety.


This is the 8th celebration for the elderly. Group birthday celebration is not only a reunion for the retired faculty members, but also an opportunity ISEE to express gratitude to them for the effort they made to boost the development of the college. Again we wish them a healthy and happy retired life!