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Joint docking conference between ISEE college and CETC Division 14 held successfully

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Deputy Dean of the college, Prof. Zhao Mingjian led a group of twenty teachers and students to Nanjing for a docking conference with China Electronics Technology Corporation (CETC) Division 14 on April 13th, in order to expand the platform for study and research cooperation, to integrate resources, to emphasis joint innovation and to realize a win-win situation. CETC Division 14 is a pioneer in informationized equipment development. It is a compound R&D institution with great international competitive power, a leading department working on national defense in the electronics and information science field. Division 14 also fits the research interest of our college.
Upon arrival, chief experts Li Ming, Zhou Zhipeng and Yang Wenjun, along with directors of departments from Division 14 joined the meeting with the group. They warmly welcomed the professors. Prof. Zhao Mingjian briefly introduced the basic status of ISEE college, and then teachers introduced their own field of interest and presented their achievements successively, preparing for further cooperation with the departments in Division 14.
In the afternoon, detailed docking procedure was initiated between professors and directors of research departments. Their conversation laid a solid ground for future cooperation.
The docking attempt is an exploration on cooperation with other institutions. Deputy secretary Zhao Songping said after the meeting, that the college will step outward more actively, showing its strengths, and at the same time build a platform for cooperation with institutions in research innovation and talent cultivation to make both the college and its counterparts thrive.