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ISEE leaders visit academician Ye Peijian and other alumni representatives in Beijing

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In order to strengthen communication between the college and alumni, from April 25th to 26th, Yang Jianyi, the deputy dean of the College of Information Science and Electrical EngineeringISEE, Zhong Rongrong, the secretary of the Party Committee, Zhao Songping, the deputy secretary, Wang Zhen, the director of the office, Zhou Jianhua, the former director of the third branch of the Zhejiang University and Secretary of the Party Committee of Zijingang campus and Song Yiming, vice president of ISEE Alumni Association, visited some Beijing alumni to discuss with them about the development of ISEE.
The visiting team first visited the Fifth Aerospace Institute (China Academy of Space Technology, CAST) and academician Ye Peijian. College leaders reported to Academician Ye on the college's "double first-rate" construction plan, scientific research, and student cultivation. Academician Ye listened earnestly and raised many pertinent opinions and suggestions. Under the host of Academician Ye, the "Zhejiang University-China Space Technology Research Institute Exchange Symposium" was held in the Intermediate Auditory Hall of CAST. Leaders from different departments of CAST including the Human Resources Department, the Research and Development Department, Qian Xuesen's Space Technology Laboratory, and the General Research Institute and several alumni attended the forum. At the symposium, it’s generally accepted that the CAST and college of ISEE had a solid foundation for cooperation and room for further cooperation. We hope that in the future, more cooperative accomplishments will be achieved in students’ practice, talents training, and research cooperation.
Then, the college of ISEE visited Huasheng Tiancheng Co., Ltd., a well-known alumni company, and introduced the development of the college in recent years to Chairman Wang Weihang. Mr. Wang is very concerned about the development of the college and is willing to do his bits to the development of the college in terms of talent introduction, scientific research cooperation and fund donation.
With the support of alumni Zou Yonghang and Shan Guofeng, college leaders met with some of the Beijing alumni in Beijing, Tao xiongqiang and other 20 Beijing alumni attended the conference. At the symposium, Dean Yang Jianyi and Secretary Zhong Rongrong reported the development of the college to everyone. Zhou Jianhua and Vice President Song Yiming introduced the preparations for the Yuelun fund. Under the proposal of presented alumni, they decided to establish Beijing Alumni Association of ISEE college, Zhejiang University, and selected Shu yaogen as the leader of the Preparatory Group of the Association.
The School of ISEE attaches great importance to alumni work. Through visits to alumni and alumni’s companies, the college continuously strengthens the relationship between alumni and college and strengthens the cohesiveness of the alumni of ISEE to create a better future for the college.