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ISEEs spring outing to ancient townNanxun

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On May 5, ISEE organized a trip to an ancient town——Nanxun. More than 30 faculty members enjoyed the trip. Nanxun town is located at the junction of Jiangsu province, Zhejiang province and Shanghai. It is one of the six ancient towns in Jiangnan and is also the only near water ancient town combining Chinese and Western culture together.
Although heavy rains were pouring, the teachers' interest in excursion did not decrease at all. After arriving at Nanxun, under the guidance of a tour guide, the teachers visited the unique scenic spots such as Xiaolian Manor, Jiaye Library, and Zhang Shiming’s former residence. It’s beginning of the summer and the end of the spring. It rained now and then, didn’t seem to come to an end, but also added a beautiful atmosphere to the ancient town. The teachers held their umbrellas and walked through the ancient buildings, the lotus pond, twisting bridges and bizarre rocks. They also felt the fragrance from the books in the library and enjoyed the perfect combination of traditional architecture in the south of the Yangtze River and European architecture. With the narration of the guides, they experienced the historical and cultural heritage of the ancient town.
After lunch, the teachers came to Ancient Street in small groups, walking on a wet stone road, savoring snacks in the ancient town, some chatting, some take photos. Through the trip, teachers gained a casual, leisurely and free mood outside work.