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Professor Zhang Chaoyang is now the deputy director of the Central Youth Work Committee of the China Democratic League

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On Mar. 10, 2018, Professor Zhang Chaoyang took on the position of deputy director of Central Youth Work Committee of the China Democratic League, endorsed by the 2nd session of the 12th chairman meeting of the league. The committee, under the lead of the CDL Executive Committee and the chairman meeting, is an agency mostly consisting of excellent young members of the league.



Prof. Zhang is a doctoral supervisor who joined the CDL in 2006. As the receiver of the National Natural Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholar, he is named the New Century Excellent Talent in University by Ministry of Education and is a Zhejiang Provincial New Century "151" Talent (Tier One). 

Majored in Radio Technology and minored in Computer Engineering, Zhang received his BS in 1994. Later he received his PhD in Communication and Electronic Systems Technology. All his degrees are received in Zhejiang University.

Prof. Zhang is now the dean of Information and Communication Engineering Department, ISEE College, ZJU; director of the Zhejiang Information Processing and Communication Networks Key Laboratory; vice president of the IEEE Communication Society, Nanjing branch; committee member of China Electronics Society, Information Theory branch; member of China Communication Association; vice president and secretary general of Zhejiang Communication Association. Apart from above, he is also the editor of journals like IEEE Trans. on Communications, IET Communications, etc.