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ISEE 2017 Undergraduate Overseas Mentoring Program Achieves Great Success

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    This summer, with the thoughtful arrangements of Professor Li Yubo, 11 junior students took part in the research internship programme. Among them, 10 students went to the University of Michigan and one went to the University of California, Davis to take a three-month long research training. 

      After their arrival in the U.S., all of them made quick adjustment and started research projects under the guidance of professors from the University of Michigan and the University of California, Davis. The students enhanced their research capability after exchanged and discussed ideas with professors and PhD students; meanwhile they were impressed by the great research atmosphere. It was a valuable experience for most of them since 11 students planned to study in the U.S. after they graduate. By the end of the three-month long programme, all their projects reached the aims. At last, all students got unanimous recognition and references from professors.

 University of Michigan campus  collecting data
 presentation with professor 
  with students from other countries 
  lab in the University of California, Davis conducting an experiment in Ultra-clean Chamber