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Seminar for Intelligent Automatic System Theoretical Research and Consulting Project on Aerospace Applications was successfully held in ZJU

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        On September 16th, the Faculty of information of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) held an intelligent communications technology seminar, coordinated by ISEE, in the conference room 304 in Zhiquan Building in ZJU. This seminar focused on theoretical research on intelligent automatic system and consulting project on aerospace applications. The seminar was presided by Prof. Zhao Jianmin (ISEE). Academician Bao Weimin (Director of the Science and Technology Committee of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC)), Academician Yin Hao from Academy of Military Sciences (AMS), Zhou Zhicheng (the Head of Communications Division of China Academy of Space Technology(CAST) ) and 30 other experts and scholars attended the seminar.


    At the beginning of the seminar, academician Bao pointed out that this seminar aimed at exploring cutting-edge research combing intelligent technology and communications network. Prof. Chen Wei from ZJU School of Computing, prof. Chen Xu from Sun Yat-sen University, associate prof. Yu Dingguan from ISEE and associate prof. Zhao Haitao from National University of Defense Technology (NUDT) delivered special reports respectively.  


     Prof. Chen Wei delivered his report with the theme of Challenges and Opportunities Faced when moving towards the Next-generation Artificial Intelligence. Prof. Chen Xu reported with the topic of Computing Offloading for Mobile Edge Computing. Associate prof. Yu Guanding gave his report around the topic of The Application of Deep Learning in Wireless Network: Current Situation and Future. Prof. Zhao Haitao presented the achievements NUDT has obtained in the field of Cognitive Self-organizing Networks and Unmanned Platform Networks.




    All the experts and scholars exchanged ideas around the topic. Prof. Tang Guojian from NUDT, Prof.Gui Lin from Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU), researcher Chen Dong from CAST and other experts and scholars introduced the applications and future development of artificial intelligence in the relevant field. Academician Yin Hao deepened the topic with his report.


     Academician Bao summarized the seminar, approved the major suggestions and expected further contributions of universities to the field of artificial intelligence research.