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Zhejiang University founded College of Microelectronics

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On June 16th, 2015, the ceremony of founding College of Microelectronics was held in 108 conference room, Yuquan campus.  Xiaodong Zhou, Vice secretary of school party committee, Haiyan Jin, director of school organization department, Prof. Xianmin Zhang, Dean of College of Information Science and Electronics Engineering(ISEE), Guoliang Xu, secretary of college party committee, Prof. Xiaolang Yan and other 20 professors of ISEE extended the conference. The conference was hosted by Guoliang Xu.

Haiyan Jin announced the founding the College of Microelectronics, the College is affiliated to ISEE; Prof. Xiaolang Yan became the honor dean of college, Prof. Xianming Zhang became the dean of college(adjunct).

Xiaodong Zhou firstly affirmed the enormous work done by ISEE and Institute of VLSI in promoting the founding of College of Microelectronics, and put forward new expectation of College of Microelectronics.

Prof. Xiaolang Yan transferred the highly expectation from the nation’s top leaders in the field of microelectronics, and put forward precise aim and requirement for the development Of college: to design “Chinese Chip”, and collaborate with the industry and realize collaborative innovation.

Prof. Xianmin Zhang, dean of the College of Microelectronics said: “the College of Microelectronics is founded after four years of work, from now, we have to integrate the resource the College of Microelectronics and ISEE, to promote the development of the subject, we need to response to the necessary of nation, promoting the collaboration With the industry and prepare for the establishment of the first common laboratory platform in Zhejiang University: micro and nano fabrication platform. Guoliang Xu finally

Concluded: the founding of the College of Microelectronics is very first step, we now have two mainstream subjects, and we have to optimize the architecture, integrating the resource, promoting the motivation of teachers and the process of becoming top subjects of china.