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ISEE convene the Summer Teaching Meeting of 2015

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         From July 13th to 15th, College of information science and electronics technology (ISEE) convene the summer teaching meeting. More than 70 teachers extended the conference, including the dean of College, members of professor committee, members of human resource and research leaders of each institute.

        The college always support the development of young professors, the meeting is intended to review and guide the development of young teachers. More than 20 teachers introduced their work and results during the meeting through personal presentation, and introduce the road map of their research. Senior professors reviewed the presentation, and proposed their recommendations. Some teachers found good collaboration opportunity through others presentation. The college has established a platform for young teachers’ training and promotion, motivating cross-discipline and collaboration.

        Dean of ISEE, Prof. Xianmin Zhang gave a report about the “comprehensive reform of ISEE”.He analyzed the necessary of reforming and made elaborate plan for the reforming process.Vice dean of ISEE, Prof. Jianyi Yang gave a report about the various talent cultivation projects executed by school, and analyzed the background, details, challenge, and the precise aim of the reforming process. Prof. Haoji Hu introduced the teaching reforming experience of Hsinghua University, Prof. Shilie Zhen shared her experience in reforming one of her class. Lianghao Wu and Meiyan Zhan brought in feedback from the graduates and undergraduates about the routine teaching affairs. Teachers at the meeting shared their personal perspective about the comprehensive reform process and led to a heated discussion.

        The meeting lasted for three days. Through the meeting, teachers got the access to importance affairs of ISEE and proposed their personal opinion and recommendations. Teachers shared their research experience with each other, seeking for collaboration and and advice. The meeting integrated opinions from everyone and promoted the development of the college through reforming process.