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2013 Summer Work Meeting Held to Address New Challenges

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A 3-day meeting attended by over 60 ISEE faculty members, including administration team, professors and research staff, etc., was held from July 10 to 12, 2013.
To commence the meeting, Dean Xianmin Zhang gave a report on “Discipline & Faculty Construction”, in which he analyzed in detail the status of two major disciplines — Electronic Science and Technology, Information and Communication Engineering. He also summarized ISEE Department’s status on staff resources, science research and training programs, and then discussed the Standard Requirement for 2014-2015’s Staff Recruitment. After pointing out the existing problems, Dean Zhang stressed the importance of improving discipline programs, which has much to do with teaching resources, academic research and ISEE’s influence. “Quality and contents are our No. 1 concerns,” he asserted. “I hereby urge you to form a brain storm and address the challenges.”
The meeting opened up a “Development and Instruction” segment to help young teachers establish a good sense of orientation for their science research. 17 young teachers expressed their research status, plans for the next step, and overall academic goals. This symposium proved to be illuminating and provided better opportunities for interaction and cooperation between faculty members.
In the discussion session of the meeting, two issues — Improving ISEE’s Discipline Programs and Suggestions on Staff Enrolling Plan — were discussed. Participants talked enthusiastically and brought forward many constructive proposals. In the end, a certain degree of consensus was reached, that we should introduce more high-end personnel; we should strengthen cooperation, and so on.
A work meeting at this time of year is one of ISEE’s traditions. It embodies a platform of democracy allowing more teachers getting involved in ISEE’s major decision making activities, while strengthens the bond and utilizes brain storms to achieve common goals.