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New Academic Year Begins: Convocation Held to Welcome Freshman Graduate Students

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It’s new school season. As a tradition, an opening meeting attended by new graduate students and main ISEE faculties, was held at Sir Run Run Shaw Science Hall, on Monday evening, Sept 16, 2013.
Prof. Xianmin Zhang, Dean of ISEE Department, was one of several speakers who welcomed new students during the meeting. Other speakers included: Xueliang Shi, doctoral student from 2009 grade; Ms. Wang, Head of Teaching Affairs; Secretary Zhao Leilei, and Distinguished Prof. Xianyi Gong, member of Chinese Academy of Engineering.
In his Speech, Dean Xianmin Zhang addressed “Commitment & Passion”. After a short briefing of ISEE’s history, he shed lights on what we are searching for in graduate education and how to maximize the benefits we’ll gain from our time at ISEE Department. “Besides common sense and knowledge, intuition and curiosity to science research are especially important,” He stressed. He then encouraged students to explore new interests and enhance reasoning ability and expressive power during their time at ISEE.
As a student speaker, Doctor Shi focused on his years of experience in science research and how to get better prepared for social competition. “We shall make full use of our academic years and nurture the ability for imagination and foresightedness; thereby we can fulfill our dreams and stand a good chance of winning the competition before us.”
Distinguished Academician Xianyi Gong gave a wonderful report on the topic “Quest for Science” that marked the highlight of this event. As a reverend senior scholar, Prof. Gong always inspired students with his insightful words. This time, phrasing with ancient Chinese verse and poetry, his prologue captivated the whole audience immediately. He then took them with him into the world of science. From science to technology to industry, he elaborate the “1+1>2” conception. He also interacted with students and finally concluded his speech with a quote from Albert Einstein — to make things simple, we must stick to science, objectiveness and integrity.
Ms. Wang and Ms. Zhao’s orientation speech introducing administrative affairs concluded this meeting. This year we have 195 new members in our ISEE family — 148 master freshmen plus 47 doctoral students.