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A Celebration for the Ceremony of 2009-2010 Academic Year Award and the closing Ceremony of the 16th ISEE Festival

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Department of ISEE, Zhejiang University, Jun, 3,2011: The closing ceremony of the 16th ISEE Festival, namely, the 2009-2010 academic year scholarships award ceremony was held in Room 138, Meng Minwei Building, ZJG campus. Leaders from University and Department of ISEE and several representatives from Texas Instruments Asia University Project attended the celebration. Guo Siqi, a second year undergraduate from Information and Communication Engineering major, presided at it.
The closing ceremony of the 16th ISEE Festival was held in the first half. Jin Haiyan, the minister of Party Committee Student Work Ministry as well as the representative of ZJU, delivered the address at the ceremony. He spoke highly of the contribution that ISEE Festival had made for the prosperity of university culture. He said, “As a traditional activity, ISEE Festival was held 16 times in succession altogether, which offers the opportunities and provides an open platform for exchanges and cooperation for the students aiming at fostering their creative awareness and ability of practice and cooperation. It is a IT cultural festival with unique Department features. Colorful activities in ISEE Festival are also a great part of the construction of campus culture, which has a profound influence on developing students.” Meanwhile, the minister praised party leaders of Department for their great concern of carrying out scientific and cultural activities and he expressed sincere gratitude to the enterprises such as Texas Instruments for their support to developing students.
Then, Li Ke, the Vice president of Student Union, summarized and introduced to the participants the details of the 16th ISEE Festival. Persisting the goal of “I SEE the future” and on the basis of “To communicate with people around the world using letters, to enjoy the life in the future depending on electricity ”, the 16th ISEE Festival held 24 theme activities involving all the undergraduates of Department of ISEE and other department of engineering.
In the last place, Ms. Liu Yanhui, the Secretary of Communist Youth League Committee, once again gave high praise on what the ISEE Festival had achieved and declared the 16th ISEE Festival closed.
The 2009-2010 academic year scholarships award ceremony was held in the second half. First, the host introduced the basic situation of the scholarships set by the Department. The scholarships were given to 101 student, which has a total amount of 20 million Yuan.
Ms. Lou Jianyue, the Vice Secretary of Party Committee of the Department of ISEE, read out the list of winners and expressed thanks to the Texas Instrument and the alumni association in Fujian, who set scholarships for the Department. Ms. Shen jie, the Director of TI Asia University Project, gave a speech. She said, “TI, the world's leading semiconductor companies, attaches great importance to the introduction of scientific and technical personnel. The students of ZJU especially from the Department of ISEE are very popular with TI”. The speech encouraged all the students present. Then the representatives of excellent alumni awarded the student with a certificate of scholarship. As a representative of the winners of Newcomers’ Award, Chen Kejian gave a speech. As a awarded newcomer, he expressed his satisfaction and joy and his great ambition can be truly felt.
Finally, Mr. Zhang Xianmin, the Dean of the Department of ISEE, extended his sincere congratulations on the student awarded and stressed that students should seize the time to prepare for final exams. In the warm applause, the closing ceremony of the 16th ISEE Festival, namely, the 2009-2010 academic year scholarships award ceremony successfully concluded.