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The 30th international, Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium, known as PIERS, was held from September 12th to 15th in Grand Metropark Hotel in Suzhou. The formal organizer is Zhejiang University and Suzhou University, under the assistance of Suzhou Science and Technology Association and several other organizations.
PIERS is one of the most influential international conferences which has the characteristics of the creativity of the researches and the cutting-edge influence on the worldwide research in this field. During the this conference, there were 669 reports,62 seminars and 192 papers are arranged, covering a range of Electromagnetics & Inverse problems, Optical power and optical traps, RF safety, microwave circuits, photonics, plasma, antenna design, microwave and lightwave devices, biomedical electromagnetic technology, electromagnetic wave propagation and communications, semiconductor and shaped the same type of structure, femtosecond technology, magnetic nano-structure, terahertz technology, the basic electromagnetic theory, computing methods, experimental exploration, project accounts and many other realms. The 502 attendants were from 43 countries, among which 201 were from Chinese mainland and 301 are from foreign countries, Hong Kong and Taiwan Province. 40 of them are IEEE fellows or famous international scholar of FEMA.
During the conference, researchers had discussed several hot topics in the electromagnetic field. It can be obviously revealed that Different media and the study of the electromagnetic stealth are still the hot point of the realm. There were 8 venus about meta-material or stealth material,namely 1A2-Electromagnetic Theory and Design on the Optical Dispersive Materials, Invisible Cloak and Photonic Crystals1P2-Transformation Optics and Cloakin2A2-Photonics and Metamaterials with Chirality2P2-Electromagnetic Resonances in Photonic/Plasmonic Crystals and Transformational Metamaterials3A2a-Merging of Metamaterials and Natural Materials3A2b-Cloaked Material System and Electromagnetic Compatibility3P2-Metamaterials for Achieving Extraordinary Properties and Performances4A2-Metamaterials, Surface Plasmonics and Their Applications.
Scholars from Suzhou University, Zhejiang University, M.I.T,Fudan University, Nanjing University, Zhongshan University, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and United States Air Force Academy have reported their latest achievement. 75 oral reports had been given during the conference
Microwave remote sensing has always been the classical agenda for the PIERS conference. This year, there were 10 seminars focusing on this topic and there were several other seminars having something related to this topic. 84 oral reports are given during the conference, including 1A3-Synthetic Aperture Radar: Algorithms and Applications1P3a-Remote Sensing of the Earth, Ocean, and Atmosphere1P3b-Subsurface Imaging and Detection Technology, GPR2A3a -EM Scattering Models and Applications2A3b&2P3-Remote Sensing of Water Cycle Related Components 1&23A3-Advanced Methods for Polarimetric Information Extraction3P3-Atmospheric Scattering, Radiative Transfer and Remote Sensing4A3-SAR Systems and Signal Processing4P3-Microwave Remote Sensing and Polarimetry, SAR
In the realm of optics, optical fibre,laser, photonic crystal were still hot topics for the PIERS. During the conference, 11 seminars and 90 oral reports are about this area, including 1A1-Passive Optical Waveguide Theory and Numerical Modelling1P1a-Fiber Micro/Nano-Photonic Components and Fiber Sensor2A1&2P1-Generation, Propagation and Application of Coherent and Partially Coherent Beams with Special Beam Profile and Polarization 1&2 2A5a- Information Optics and Photonics2A5b-Broadband Optical Access3A1&3P1a-Plasmonic Nanophotonics 1&23P1b&4P5-Optics and Photonics 1&24A5-Optics, Fiber Optics, Laser
What is more, several traditional directions for the electromagnetic researches had also drawn the interests of the attendants, such as antenna, DIANCIQIJIAN and its application. 8 seminars and 69 oral reports are in this area. Other directions, such as nanotechnology, THz, computational electromagnetics , microwave imaging, high power microwave (HPM), had also been discussed in 22 seminars and 120 oral reports. All this mentioned above had revealed the latest achievements in electromagnetics and the trend of the future researches. In the status quo, electromagnetics has been mixed with the researches in information science, electronic engineering, materials, nanotechnology, communication, medicine, environmental science and many other subjects.
Since PIERS firstly held in 2004 in Nanjing, this year’s has been the 7th. Since the technology in China has been so dramatically improved, we are all glad to see that the percentage of Chinese scholars has been increasing through the years. Now, the scientists in China has paid more and more attention to the international cooperation and competing to gain the opportunities to report in those important international conferences. An increasing number of Chinese young people who has graduated from the university abroad get themselves involved in PIERS and they also encourage their own students to do so. PIERS conference has always followed the principle of its founder, Mr Kong Jinou( dean of International Electromagnetic Academy of Science ), and tried to encourage more young people get involved and exchanged each other’s standpoints in person. That is why this conference doesn’t have the requirement that the scholars have to hand in the complete report and aim at the publishing of the
The attendants of the conference had been communicating with each other deeply and widely during the conference and you could often see people discussing with each other about the cooperation or some certain problems. In this way, scholars from different fields earned the friendship and got more chances to build bridges between different organizations. At the same time, Suzhou University also introduced their own researched in their departments, which left great impression on every attendant. Also, the volunteers from Suzhou University and Zhejiang University had left good impression on them. What has to be mentioned is that there is an exhibition area of Mr. Kong to commemorate his great contribution to the realm of electromagnetic.
To sum up, 333 reports are celected in the memoir of PIERS, which will be published by The Electromagnetics Academy. And the electronic edition will be available to download on the website of PIERS( ) for free.