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Alumni Duan visit Zhejiang University

Editor:xdx Date:2011-06-27 Hits:6753

On the morning of June 26th, a distinguished alumni of Department of Information Science & Electronic Engineering, Duan Yongping, came to Room 208, taking part in the activity of the welcome party, met his professor Huang Gongkuan, Chen Kangsheng, and talked with his counselor Zhou Jianhua and the members of Party Class of the department.
The chair of the Department of Information Science & Electronic Engineering,Zhang Xianmin gave a speech to show the appreciation of Duan and other alumnis’ contribution to the improvement of the structure of the education structure of the department, at the same time, he invited more alumni, just like Duan, to come back to Alma mater in order to accelerate the speed of the university’s improvement.
The vice chair of Department of Information Science & Electronic Engineering, Yang Dongxiao also give a report about the management of and financial use of the fund and represent all the staff to express the great thanks to Duan.
Xu Guoliang, the party secretary of the department introduced the alumni constitution to Duan and show respect to Duan’s taking responsibility of being the Honorary President of the constitution. The chair issued the letters of the appointment as the first honorary president and the Commemorative T-shirt to Duan as a gift.
During the welcome party, Duan asked a lot of imformation about the living standard of those teachers who had been retired and was very glad to hear that their problems had been almostly solved by the peace fund they had set up. In addition, Duan promised that he would donate more fund to the alma mater to make the policies carried out more quickly.
It was because of the flight he had to take, the two hours during the meeting passed away soon. At last, Duan took a picture with all the teachers in front of the “Thanksgiving” Stone, a landmark of the department’s administration building.
The assistant of the principal, secretary-general of alumni union and director of development and communication office, Zhang Meifeng had also taken part in this activity and saw Duan off. So had Xu Wen (the vice chair of Department of Information Science & Electronic Engineering ), Lou Jianyue ( the party secretary of the deparment), Wangzhen ( the director of the department’s general office ) and so on.