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Course List:

1. Finite Fields and Applications

2. Communication Networks

3. Communication Network Security ——Theory and Engineering

4. Selected Topics on Communication Networks

5. Selected Topics on Low Power Communication and Signal Processing

6. Physics of  Semiconductor Devices(II

7. Physics of Deep Sub-micron Devices and Integration Technology

8. Physics of Semiconductor Devices and Micron/nano Devices()

9. Physics of Semiconductor Devices and Micron/nano Devices()

10. Physics of Semiconductor Devices( I )

11. Computer Control system

12. Advanced Embedded System Design and Application

13. Design of RFIC AND ESD

14. Selected Topics on Real-time Image Processing and Parallel Computing

15. Selected Topics on Real-time Image Processing and Parallel Computing

16. Microwave Remote Sensing

17. Human Computer Interaction and Design

18. Selected Topics on Acoustic Field Modeling and Simulation

19. Design of CMOS Analog Integrated Circuits

20. Principle and Applications of Low Power Integrated Circuits

21. Introduction of the Modern Sensing Technology

22. Analysis and Design of Digital Integrated Circuit in Deep Sub-Micron

23. IC Design Methodology and Tools

24. Numerical Analysis for Waveguide Optics

25. Integrated Circuit Project Design

26. Physical Optics and Thin Film Technology

27. Advanced Wireless Communications and Wireless Networks

28. Introduction of Advanced Optics

29. Selected Topics and Literatures on Integrated Optics

30. Waveguide Optics

31. Selected Topics on Acoustic Wave Transmission Control

32. Digital Signal Processing and Application

33. Digital Signal Processing Structures for VLSI

34. Optical Networks & Communications

35. Electronic Measure Network Intellective Apparatus

36. Data Security Technology of Multimedia and Network Communicate

37. Selected Topics on Digital Signal Process System Applications

38. Selected Topics of Electronic System Design

39. Modern signal processing (II)Adaptive signal processing

40. Electromagnetic Wave Propagation

41. Electromagnetic Wave Theory and Applications

42. Selected Topics on Communication Network and Switching

43. Selected Topics on Communication Network and Switching

44. Selected Topics on Computer Vision

45. Digital Communications

46. Selected Topics on Communication Network and Switching

47. Selected Topics on Computer Vision

48. Selected Topics on VLSI Circuit Design

49. System on Chip Design

50. Selected Topics on Advanced Computer Architecture

51. Selected Topics on Source Coding Theory

52. Test and Measurement for Optical Devices and Systems

53. Selected Topics on Acoustic Signal Processing

54. Modern Signal Processing()Statistical Signal Processing

55. Selected Topics in Applied Electromagnetic Waves

56. Advanced Electronic Circuit Design

57. Advanced Electromagnetic Theory

58. Selected Topics in Optoelectronic Information Processing

59. Optoelectronic Information Processing

60. Electromagnetic Fields in Wireless Communication and Network

61. Selected Topics Study and Seminar

62. Design Methodologies of Low Power VLSI

63. Design of High Information Density VLSI

64. Spectral Techniques in Digital Logic and its Applications

65. Design of Multi-valued Logic Circuits

66. Selected Topics on  Information Science and  Electronic Engineering

67. Image Processing & Computer Vision

68. Advanced compiling technique  for embedded system

69. Experimental Study of OFDM Communications

70. Optical-Fiber Photonics

71. Optical-Fiber Photonics

72. Modern Circuit Technology

73. Application of UNIX for IC Design

74. Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks

75. Vacuum, Thin  Film  and  Devices

76.Thin Film Electronics

77.Selected Topics on Modern Communications and Networks

78.Computational Electromagnetics

79.Selected Topics on Modern Communications and Networks

80.Semiconductor Sensor and Microelectricalmechanical Technology

81.Robotics for Handling on the Nanoscale

82.Selected Topics on Communication Signal Processing

83.Introduction to Physical Photo-electronics

84.Integrated Optics— Theory and Technology

85.FPGA Based Electronic Design Automation

86.FPGA Based Electronic Design Automation

87.PhD Engineering English I

88.Selected Topics on Source Coding and the Related Signal Processing Technology

89.Source and Channel Coding

90.Machine Learning

91.Fundamentals of Acoustics

92.Selected Topics on Digital TV

93.Selected Topics on Terahertz Technology

94.Computer-Aided Design for Photonic Components and Integrated Optics

95.Numerical Analysis for Waveguide Optics

96.Mobile Communications

97.Multimedia Communications

98.Selected Topics on Transmission Theory of Modern Communication

99.Selected Topics on ASIC Design

100.Intelligent Information Processing

101.Multiuser Information Theory and Wireless Networks

102.Selected Topics on Information Theory and Its Applications

103.Information Theory and Its Applications

104.Selected Topics on Digital Communications

105.Advanced ASIC Desing Technology

106.Topics on SOC Design Technology

107.Network System Design & Test

108.Modern Photonics

109.Microwave Photonics

110.Modern Digital Theory

111.Modern digital theory and technique

112.Modern Logical design

113.Software Radio

114.Stochastic Process & Queueing Theory

115.Selected Topics on Modern Communication Theory

116.RF and microwave solid state circuit design

117.Computer Network and Communication

118.Wireless Communication and Network

119.Signal Integrity Analysis

120.Solid-State Theory (II)

121.Numerical Analysis for Waveguide Optics

122.Solid-State Theory (I)

123.Microwave IC and Devices for Communication

124.Engineering English

125.PhD Engineering English II