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Course List:
1.DSP System Design and Application
2.OFDM Communication system Design
3.Course Title£ºThin Film Technology
4.Course Title£ºSensor Networking
5.Course Title£ºElectromagnetic Fields & Waves
6.Course Title£ºElectromagnetic Field & Microwave Experiment
7.Course Title£ºElectronic Product Planning & Design I
8.Course Title£ºElectronic Product Planning & Design ¢ò
9.Course Title£ºBasics of Electronics and Circuits I
10.Course Title£ºBasics of Electronics and Circuits II
11.Course Title£ºLab Work for Electronics and Circuits I
12.Course Title£ºLab Work for Electronics and Circuits II
13.Course Title£ºSpecial Research of Electronic Science and Technology
14.Course Title£ºMultimedia Communication
15.Course Title£ºSolid-state and Semiconductor Physics
16.Course Title£ºOptoelectronics
17.Course Title£ºFiber-optic Communication Systems and Networks
18.Course Title£ºComputer Vision
19.Course Title£ºComputer Networks
20.Course Title£ºDiscrete Mathematics
21.Course Title£ºAnalysis & Design of Analog Integrated Circuits
22.Course Title£ºPrinciples of Embedded Computing System Design
23.Course Title£ºFundamentals of Computer Software
24.Course Title£ºRF CMOS Circuit Design
25.Course Title£ºRF Circuits for Communications
26.Course Title£ºDigital Video Camera Technology
27.Course Title£ºFundamentals of Acoustics
28.Course Title£ºIntroduction to Data Mining
29.Course Title£ºBasics of Digital TV and Its Testing
30.Course Title£ºDigital Integrated Circuits

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