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Advanced RF and Nanosystems Research Center


Electromagnetic radio technology has broken through the range of traditional technology. It has developed from minor element to major element in modern electronics, wireless communication, biology engineering and nanometer technology. Electromagnetic issues and signal integrity have become the principle obstacle in high performance integration circuit, nanometer electronics, RFIC and the advance electronic encapsulation technology. 3D electronic encapsulation, high performance chip, and the study of electromagnetic propagation in complex biology environment have formed a new and important research subject. The principle study fields of the center include nanometer plasma photoelectric integrated circuitnanometer antennananometer wave-guide instrument3D nanometer integrated circuit and system integrated encapsulation technologythe propagation principle of electromagnetic wave in the nanometer, plasma photonic and nanometer electronic configuration, nanometer plasma biographic sensor, the design manufacture technology of micro nanometer plasma photon instrument; microwave photon instrument; plasma photon left-hand material; THz technology an etc.


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