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Zhejiang Key Laboratory of Integrated Information Network


The lab mainly focused on building experimental conditions and the promotion of technological achievements' transformation. The Laboratory has built two experimental environments: the visual navigation and control system on the lunar surface and acoustic detection and communication in the shallow underwater. The laboratory have and continue to improve its development and test platform for wireless communications and wireless networks, digital audio and video, and chip design. Over 10 proposals about digital video technology are adopted by the state and international standards. Sets of patents have been transferred as a whole. A variety anti-jamming communications, satellite navigation systems and chips have been designed. The media digital signal processors designed by the lab have formed a series. Terrestrial, cable and satellite digital TV transmission and processing technology have successfully realizing industrialization in cooperation companies, the sales of demodulation & decoding chips have been over 70 million, and the lab have received national and provincial awards on science and technology many times. The lab can offer technical advices to enterprises, provide the open issues of high level schools, and can be the basis for a local service and radiation of technologies.

Director: HUANG Aiping  Associate Director: ZHANG Ming, ZHAO Minjian


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