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Center for Microsatellite Research


The center was founded in December 2008, which built jointly with the School of Aerospace Engineering. And center mainly engaged in high-reliability electronic systems, satellite communication and monitoring and control, MEMS and sensors research. It has made so many innovations in respect of high-precision radio-ranging, integrated micro-board electronic systems, satellite monitoring and communications systems, high-precision MEMS accelerometers, and micro-optical gyroscope.

The center engaged in the research of the small satellites of less than 20 kg weight as well as its application. The main research interests include micro-satellites in general technology, control technology, measurement and control and communications technology, testing technology, satellite formation technology. Meanwhile, it has completed the development work of China's first small satellite weighing less than 10kg, basically meets the mechanical and thermal environmental testing, space vacuum background, satellite research and testing conditions of satellite power system integration testing.

Director: JIN Zhonghe


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