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Institute of Electronic Circuits and Information Systems


Mainly relying on the Circuits and Systems Doctoral Program, the Institute of Electronic Circuits and Information Systems has 14 staffs, including 3 Professors and 8 Vice-Professors. The institute has obtained a series of high-level research achievements in many fields, such as Digital Integrated Circuits, Embedded System and Wireless Network, Petri Net Theory and Complex System Control, Computer Vision & Audition and Pattern Recognition, High-Speed Railway Wireless Network Communications, Network Communications and Intelligent Information System, Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network. The institute has obtained many National, Provincial and Ministerial Science & Technology Awards, as well as many Teaching Achievement Honors. In this institute, the High-Speed Railway Wireless Network Communications Laboratory (founded in 2007) of the former Information Science & Engineering College has obtained the supports from many National Projects and Enterprise Projects, such as the National High Technology Research and Development Program 863 Key Projects, the National Key Technology R&D Program Projects, etc. This laboratory is at the international advanced level in such fields as High-Speed Moving State Wireless Network Communications and Intelligent Detection & Measurement.

Director: SHEN Jizhong   Associate Director: JIN Xinyu, DONG Lida


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