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Institute of Electronic Information Technology and System


Relying on two subject doctoral program on physics electronics, electromagnetic field & microwave technology, the institute has 28 staffs, including 9 professors or associate researchers, 13 deputy researchers. The main research direction is: RF microwave circuits and communication, microwave photon technology, and radar antenna millimeter-wave technology , light communication and light sensor, microwave remote sensing and detection, calculation of electromagnetism, THZ technology, information processing and data storage, new artificial electromagnetic medium, the film electronic technology, etc. The institute has obtained one national progress prize and one Technical Innovation Award, more than 20 science and technology awards of the province level, three times excellent teaching achievement prize in the province and one National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation of PR China.

Director: LI Erping  Executive Director: JIN Xiaofeng  Associate Director: SHEN Huiliang, WU Xidong



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