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TOP Joint Downlink and Uplink Resource Allocation for Energy-Efficient Carrier Aggregation IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS Yu Dingguan,Chen Qimei,Zhang Huazi,Yin Rui,Li Geoffrey Ye 2015
TOP Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation in Single-Cell OFDMA Systems: Multi-Objective Approach IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS Xu Lukai,Yu Dingguan,Jiang Yuhuan 2015
TOP Multi-Objective Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation for Multi-RAT Heterogeneous Networks IEEE JOURNAL ON SELECTED AREAS IN COMMUNICATIONS Yu Dingguan,Jiang Yuhuan,Xu Lukai 2015
SCI Learning Visual-Spatial Saliency for Multiple-Shot Person Re-Identification IEEE SIGNAL PROCESSING LETTERS Xie Yi,Yu Huimin,Gong Xiaojin,Dong Zhengjiang,Gao Yan 2015
SCI Design of an enhanced visual odometry by building and matching compressive panoramic landmarks online FRONTIERS OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY & ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING Lu Wei,Xiang Zhiyu,Liu Jilin 2015
TOP Perception in Disparity: An Efficient Navigation Framework for Autonomous Vehicles With Stereo Cameras IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS Cao Teng,Xiang Zhiyu,Liu Jilin 2015
TOP A novel sub-camera array model for calibrating multi-mirror catadioptric systems MEASUREMENT SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Xiang Zhiyu,Gong Xiaojin,Zhou Yanbing 2015
SCI Joint spectrum sensing and access for stable dynamic spectrum aggregation EURASIP JOURNAL ON WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS AND NETWORKING Wang Wei,Wu Lingcen,Zhang Chaoyang,Lin Chen 2015
TOP Dynamic Power Control for Delay-Aware Device-to-Device Communications IEEE JOURNAL ON SELECTED AREAS IN COMMUNICATIONS Wang Wei,Zhang Fan,Lau Vincent K.N. 2015
TOP Thwarting Intelligent Malicious Behaviors in Cooperative Spectrum Sensing IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MOBILE COMPUTING Wang Wei,Chen Lin,Shin Kang G.,Duan Lingjie 2015
SCI Depth map Super-Resolution based on joint dictionary learning MULTIMEDIA TOOLS AND APPLICATIONS Liu Liwei,Wang Lianghao,Zhang Ming 2015
SCI Genetic Algorithm based Resource Management for Cognitive Mesh Networks with Real-time and Non-real-time Services KSII TRANSACTIONS ON INTERNET AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS Shan Hangguan,Ye Ziyun,Huang Aiping 2015
SCI Interference coordination strategy based on Nash bargaining for small-cell networks IET COMMUNICATIONS Yu Dingguan,Xu Yang,Yin Rui,Qu Fengzhong 2015
TOP Transition-aware feed-forward equaliser for reducing pattern-dependent jitter in four-level pulse-amplitude modulation transmitters ELECTRONICS LETTERS Liu Peng,Wu Kejun 2015
TOP Transistor-resistor-stacked voltage-mode PAM-4 symbol generator with improved linearity ELECTRONICS LETTERS Liu Peng,Wu Kejun 2015
SCI Tracking news article evolution by dense subgraph learning NEUROCOMPUTING Yu Shengkang,Li Xi,Zhao Xueyi,Zhang Zhongfei 2015
SCI Deep learning driven blockwise moving object detection with binary scene modeling NEUROCOMPUTING Zhang Yaqing,Li Xi,Zhang Zhongfei 2015
SCI Multimedia Retrieval via Deep Learning to Rank IEEE SIGNAL PROCESSING LETTERS Zhao Xueyi,Zhang Zhongfei,Li Xi 2015
TOP Joint Structural Learning to Rank with Deep Linear Feature Learning IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON KNOWLEDGE AND DATA ENGINEERING Zhao Xueyi,Zhang Zhongfei,Li Xi 2015
SCI 3D Synthesis and Crosstalk Reduction for Lenticular Autostereoscopic Displays JOURNAL OF DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY Li Dongxiao,Zang Dongnning,Qiao Xiaotian,Wang Lianghao,Zhang Ming 2015
SCI Sum-Rate and Power Scaling of Massive MIMO Systems With Channel Aging IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON COMMUNICATIONS Zhong Caijun 2015
SCI Joint Object Segmentation and Depth Upsampling IEEE SIGNAL PROCESSING LETTERS Gong Xiaojin 2015
SCI Cooperative multicast with moving window network coding in wireless networks AD HOC NETWORKS Wu Fei,Hua Cunqing,Shan Hangguan,Huang Aiping 2015
SCI A User Authentication Scheme Based on Elliptic Curves Cryptography for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks SENSORS Chen Huifang,Ge Linlin,Xie Lei 2015
SCI Resource optimisation using bandwidth-power product for multiple-input multiple-output orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing access system in cognitive radio networks IET COMMUNICATIONS Chen Bo,Zhao Minjian,Zhang Lei,Lei Ming 2015
SCI Low-complexity variable forgetting factor mechanisms for adaptive linearly constrained minimum variance beamforming algorithms IET SIGNAL PROCESSING Qiu Linzheng,Cai Yunlong,Zhao Minjian 2015
SCI Thermal annealing, interface reaction, and lanthanum-based sub-nanometer EOT gate dielectrics VACUUM Wang Xi,Yang Bingliang,Dong Shurong,Kakushima K,Iwai H 2015
SCI On the scaling of subnanometer EOT gate dielectrics for ultimate nano CMOS technology MICROELECTRONIC ENGINEERING Wang Xi,Iwai,Hiroshi 2015
TOP Blind image quality assessment based on fractal description of natural scenes ELECTRONICS LETTERS Ding Yong,Zhang H,Luo Xiaohua,Dai H 2015
SC High-directivity antenna with small antenna aperture APPL PHYS LETT LUO Yu,ZHANG Jing-Jing,CHEN Hong-Sheng,HUANGFU Jiang-Tao,RAN Li-Xin 2009
SC A networks-on-chip architecture design space exploration - The LIB COMPUT ELECT ENG LIU Peng,XIA Bing-Jie,XIANG Chun-Chang,WANG Xiao-Hang,WANG Wei-Dong,YAO Qing-Dong 2009
SC Process flow improvement on a bulk micromachined gyroscope MICRO NANO LETT ZHENG Xu-Dong,JIN Zhong-He,WANG Yue-Lin 2009
SC Attitude stabilization of a pico-satellite by momentum wheel and magnetic coils J ZHEJIANG UNIV-SCI A MENG Tao,WANG Hao,JIN Zhong-He 2009
SC An in-plane low-noise accelerometer fabricated with an improved process flow J ZHEJIANG UNIV-SCI A ZHENG Xu-Dong,JIN Zhong-He,WANG Yue-Lin 2009
SC A 10:1 Unequal Wilkinson Power Divider Using Coupled Lines With Two Shorts IEEE MICROW WIREL COMPON LETT LI Bo,WU Xi-Dong,WU Wen 2009
SC Reliability assessment for MIMO detection and its application AEU-INT J ELECTRON COMMUN WANG Fan 2009
SC Combination of time reversal and synthetic aperture beamforming for active detection of small bottom objects in waveguide environments APPL ACOUST PAN Xiang,XU Wen,LI Jian-Long,GONG Xian-Yi 2009
SC Intercluster Connection in Cognitive Wireless Mesh Networks Based on Intelligent Network Coding EURASIP J ADV SIGNAL PROCESS CHEN Xian-Fu,ZHAO Zhi-Feng,Zhang Hong-Gang 2009
SC Focusing with the decomposition of the time reversal operator method in noisy environments J ZHEJIANG UNIV-SCI A LI Chun-Xiao,LI Jian-Long,GONG Xian-Yi,GUO Ming-Fei 2009
SC Linear-Codes-Based Lossless Joint Source-Channel Coding for Multiple-Access Channels IEEE TRANS INFORM THEORY YANG Sheng-Tian,CHEN Yan,QIU Pei-Liang 2009
SC Wideband multipath rejection for shallow water synthetic aperture sonar imaging IET RADAR SONAR NAVIG CHEN Qing,XU Wen,PAN Xiang,LI Jian-Long 2009
SC System synchronization and channel estimation analysis for IEEE 802.16e OFDMA downlink system INT J COMMUN SYST ZHANG Zhao-Yang,CHENG Peng,ZHOU Xiang-Wei,QIU Pei-Liang 2009
SC Performance of Cyclostationary Features Based Spectrum Sensing Method in A Multiple Antenna Cognitive Radio System IEEE WCNC ZHANG Teng-Yi,YU Guan-Ding,SUN Chi 2009
SC Performance Bound Approximation for Bearing Estimation with Bias Correction IEEE SIGNAL PROCESS LETT XU Wen,CHEN Qing,JIANG Ying 2009
SC A Rigorous Analysis of Plane-Transformed Invisibility Cloaks IEEE TRANS ANTENNAS PROPAGAT LUO Yu,ZHANG Jing-Jing,CHEN Hong-Sheng 2009
SC Lorentz force and radiation pressure on a spherical cloak PHYS REV A CHEN Hong-Sheng,Zhang BL,LUO Yu,B Kemp,RAN Li-Xin,Wu BI 2009
SC Visualization of Negative Refraction in Chiral Nihility Media IEEE ANTENNAS PROPAG MAG CHENG Xiang-Xiang,CHEN Hong-Sheng 2009
SC Tracking multiple people under occlusion and across cameras using probabilistic models J ZHEJIANG UNIV-SCI A WANG Xuan-He,LIU Ji-Lin 2009
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