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Welcome to ZJU- ISEE held the appointment ceremony of Professor of QiuShi lecture for academician Quan Yu.

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On September 18th, 2015, College of Information Science & Electronic Engineering (ISEE) held the appointment ceremony of “Professor of QiuShi lecture” for academician Quan Yu. Vice president of Zhejiang University, Hongjian Zhang, vice director of Talent department, XiaoYun Zhu, director of Information technology faculty, HuJun Bao, Dean of the College of Information science and electronic technology, Xianmin Zhang, secretary of college party committee, Guoliang Xu, and the other 30 students attended the ceremony.  Hujun Bao hosted the ceremony.

Academician Quan Yu got PHD degree of fiber communication from University of Limoges, France, he was honored as academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering in 2009. His research field includes military communication, self-organizing communication networks, simulation technology of communication system.

HongJiang Zhang said: “Information and Communication is always one of the mainstream subjects in information field, with the endeavor of whole school, we have got fruit results and enormous influence, and have built an active research team. With the join of academician Quan Yu, the cultivate and gathering system of the information and communication subject will be optimized, and cross-discipline of various subjects, the influence of the subject will be apparently promoted. 

Academician Quan Yu felt honored to attend Zhejiang, he said:’’ I would like to be a bridge, introducing more high-level talents to Zhejiang University, and a paving stone, promoting the influence of the subject”.

Academician Quan Yu and ISEE has collaborated for a long period of time, and has built a good communication and research collaboration channel. The ceremony is the very beginning, and we believe that the development of the communication filed in Zhejiang University will be more promising with the join of academician Quan Yu!