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This summer, with the thoughtful arrangements of Professor Li Yubo, 11 junior students took part in the research internship programme. Among them, 10 students went to the University of Michigan and one went to the University of California, Davis to take a three-month long research training. After their arrival in the U... [ Read More]
During the summer of 2017, recommended by Professor Li Erping, 4 senior students from ISEE participated in the Missouri University of Science and Technology exchange programme. These four students successfully completed the nine-week long research internships in EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) laboratory, under the... [ Read More]
On September 16th, the Faculty of information of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) held an intelligent communications technology seminar, coordinated by ISEE, in the conference room 304 in Zhiquan Building in ZJU. This seminar focused on [ Read More]
On September 18th, 2015, College of Information Science & Electronic Engineering (ISEE) held the appointment ceremony of “Professor of QiuShi lecture” for academician Quan Yu. Vice president of Zhejiang University, Hongjian Zhang, vice director of Talent department, XiaoYun Zhu, director of Information technology fac... [ Read More]
From July 13th to 15th, College of information science and electronics technology (ISEE) convene the summer teaching meeting. More than 70 teachers extended the conference, including the dean of College, members of professor committee, members of human resource and research leaders of each institute. The college always suppor... [ Read More]
Recently, Xiliang Peng, PH.D. candidate of College of information science and electronic engineering (ISEE), won the Best Student Paper award on the 8th International Photonics and Optoelectronic Meeting(POEM2015) held in Wuhan, China. Peng’s supervisor is ISEE fellow, Prof. Erping LEE, and Prof. Ran Hao. The meeting wa... [ Read More]
On June 16th, 2015, the ceremony of founding College of Microelectronics was held in 108 conference room, Yuquan campus. Xiaodong Zhou, Vice secretary of school party committee, Haiyan Jin, director of school organization department, Prof. Xianmin Zhang, Dean of College of Information Science and Electronics Engineering(ISEE), ... [ Read More]
It’s new school season. As a tradition, an opening meeting attended by new graduate students and main ISEE faculties, was held at Sir Run Run Shaw Science Hall, on Monday evening, Sept 16, 2013. Prof. Xianmin Zhang, Dean of ISEE Department, was one of several speakers who welcomed new students during the meeting. Other speak... [ Read More]
A 3-day meeting attended by over 60 ISEE faculty members, including administration team, professors and research staff, etc., was held from July 10 to 12, 2013. To commence the meeting, Dean Xianmin Zhang gave a report on “Discipline & Faculty Construction”, in which he analyzed in detail the status of two major discip... [ Read More]
PiXing 1 A satellite, which was invented by Zhejiang University small satellite research center was launched successfully on September,22nd, 2010. This Picosat, which weighs 3.5 kilograms, was the first kilograms satellite in our country and some certain part of it were made of commercial electronic components. During the last year... [ Read More]
The 30th international, Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium, known as PIERS, was held from September 12th to 15th in Grand Metropark Hotel in Suzhou. The formal organizer is Zhejiang University and Suzhou University, under the assistance of Suzhou Science and Technology Association and several other organizations. [ Read More]
The 6th China communication & network international conference (Chinacom 2011), supported by IEEE computer society, European Alliance for Innovation and some other institutions, was convened in Harbin, from 17th to 19th, August, 2011. More than 300 experts and scholars from either research organizations or famous multinational corp... [ Read More]
On the morning of June 26th, a distinguished alumni of Department of Information Science & Electronic Engineering, Duan Yongping, came to Room 208, taking part in the activity of the welcome party, met his professor Huang Gongkuan, Chen Kangsheng, and talked with his counselor Zhou Jianhua and the members of Party Class of the depa... [ Read More]
Department of ISEE, Zhejiang University, Jun, 3,2011: The closing ceremony of the 16th ISEE Festival, namely, the 2009-2010 academic year scholarships award ceremony was held in Room 138, Meng Minwei Building, ZJG campus. Leaders from University and Department of ISEE and several representatives from Texas Instruments Asia Universi... [ Read More]
In the year of 2010, the department of Information Science and Electronic Engineering has cultivated large quantities of qualified scientists and engineers, a total number of 447, including 250 undergraduates, 165 graduates with master degree and 22 Doctors. The original employment rate of undergraduates reaches 97.13 percent. Amon... [ Read More]
In the year of 2009, the total number of graduates from the department of Information Science and Electronic Engineering is 314, of which 9 students failed to graduate on time. The implementation of employment is 305 people, thus the total employment rate reaches 97.13%. From the view of graduates export form, most of the graduates... [ Read More]
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