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Superconducting nanowire singlephoton detectors [2017-11-22]
from Maxwell's Displacement Current to Nanogenerator Driven Self-powered Systems and Blue E... [2017-11-08]
Silicon Quantum Dot Luminescence Mechanism and Theoretical Design of Silicon Luminescent Ma... [2017-11-06]
Introduction of Point Cloud Compression [2017-11-06]
Stochastic Optimization and Sparse Signal Processing for Massive MIMO and Beyond [2017-11-02]
The deep learning explosion C technical and application trends in neural & startup scene [2017-06-19]
Numerical Methods in Solving Inverse Scattering [2017-05-31]
Multifunction, Multiscale and Multilayer Integration for Future Wireless Systems and Applic... [2017-05-12]
A fully reconfigurable photonic integrated signal processor [2017-05-12]
Nonvolatile Computing: Towards Ubiquitous Smart Low-Power Computing [2017-05-09]
Two classes of topological acoustic systems [2017-05-02]
Physical Layer Security Key Generation:Simulation and Experimental Validation [2017-04-25]
Novel Light Manipulation in Nano-scaled Dielectric Photonic Systems [2017-04-17]
A Coherent Theory of Random Access [2017-04-13]
Scalable Content Delivery with Coded Caching in Multi-Antenna Fading Channels [2017-04-10]
Multi-standards RF architectures for Wearable devices and Internet of Things (WIoT) ap... [2017-04-07]
Synthesis and Analysis of Graph Signals: Combining Network Processes and Signal Processing [2017-03-20]
Canonical correlation analysis for knowledge discovery in distributed array systems [2017-03-20]
Manipulating Light at the Nano-Scale [2017-03-17]
Compression and Saliency Detection for Light Field Image Format [2017-03-08]
Thin-film polarizers for terahertz applications [2017-03-07]
Novel Electronic and Photonic Devices based on Low-Symmetry Two-Dimensional Materials [2017-03-06]
5G-Massive, Ultra-Dense, and Delay [2017-02-24]
Large-Scale Distributed Optimization via ADMM: Algorithms and Applications [2016-06-14]
Monolayer Materials for Electronics [2016-06-05]
Nano EMC Research at Sapienza University of Rome [2016-05-24]
Large-Scale Wireless Communications [2016-05-17]
NOMAA Paradigm Shift for Multiple Access in 5G [2016-04-08]
Network measures from continuous-time quantum walks [2016-04-05]
Emerging Technologies in Mobile Computing [2015-11-26]
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